Ian Astley, founder & director of ALMAC

Introducing ALMAC

My name is Ian Astley, the founder and director of ALMAC. We inspire people to become the leader they want to be led by.  ALMAC’s foundation is my 33 years of leadership in the British Army.  We take a fresh approach to the delivery of practical leadership mentoring and coaching for individuals and teams. How do you develop your leaders?

See Our Services for ideas about how ALMAC can support your organisation.

Confidence and time, to think and lead

ALMAC exists to inspire people to become the leader they want to be led by

Too few people receive help developing their leadership, yet crave becoming better leaders.  Intuitively they know that they, their teams and their organisations would be enhanced if they did. Why have you searched for us?

Leadership development to help you break away from the pack

ALMAC provides personal, confident and dynamic leadership mentoring and coaching to leaders and leadership teams.

What we do leads to tangible benefits such as: leaders feeling more confident; increased time for leaders to think; more efficient decision making; slick and robust planning; improved staff engagement; enhanced work-life balance; better internal communications.  What can we help you achieve?

Conviction and clarity to take the next step

ALMAC delivers original practical leadership development services…

…from one-to-one mentoring, through group activities, to helping you establish your organisation’s own leadership development programme.  Go to Our Services page for more inspiration.  We will work with your organisation to create leadership and team development activities that are aligned to your goals, culture and values.  Delivery is based on our own: partnership, innovation, integrity, and commitment.  How can we support your leadership development and help your organisation break away from the pack?

Our Services

Leadership Mentoring

One-to-one mentoring, in office, online or somewhere adventurous


Leadership Development Workshops

Single or multi-day on-site team activities to develop team leadership and planning


Leadership Talks to Provoke & Inspire

One-off talks imparting practical leadership tips and my thoughts on Just Leading


Business on the Battlefield

Learning leadership lessons from walking through an historic battle


In-House Mentoring Programmes

ALMAC helping you establish your own mentoring programme


Tailored Support

Analytical study and practical recommendations for the development of your organisation


Latest Articles

Intriguing observations on contemporary leadership issues.