One-to-one mentoring, in office, online or somewhere adventurous

In a series of these one-to-one sessions, I will work with you to explore and shape your leadership development according to your goals and agenda. We would start by getting to know each other to ensure we could work together well, and so you can be certain that I have the experience and knowledge from which you can benefit. I will be committed to you for as long as you are finding it beneficial. Mentoring is best conducted over an extended period of months rather than weeks. However, we would not forge ahead if the relationship is not working and we can break at any point.

The joy is falling upon unexpected issues and solutions, from which we will both learn and evolve

Having ascertained what you want to achieve from our mentoring relationship, we can delve into understanding your values and motivations. This will give us a sound basis on which to investigate differing leadership styles and techniques, and how you might want to employ them to achieve your goals. Of course, these conversations will meander, and part of the joy is falling upon unexpected issues and solutions from which we will both learn and evolve. Ultimately, this is all about helping you become the sort of leader you would want to be led by.

Find out what ‘walking-to-work’ could do for you

These sessions can be conducted virtually or on site or almost anywhere you like. What I relish is getting people into the open air where they can break free from their familiar environment. Detaching from the office and IT is both mentally and physically invigorating. So why not take an original approach and realise the wider benefits of coming for a walk or bicycle ride while we discover together ways to enhance your leadership?

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