Leadership Mentoring

One-to-one mentoring, in office, online or somewhere adventurous

In a series of these one-to-one session, I will work with you to explore, discuss and develop your leadership according to your goals and agenda. These sessions can be conducted virtually or on site or almost anywhere you like. What I relish is getting people into the open air where they can break free from their familiar environment. So why not take the novel approach and reap the wider benefits of coming for a walk or bicycle ride while we discover together ways to enhance your leadership?


Leadership Development Workshops

Single or multi-day onsite team activities to develop team leadership and planning

For leadership teams we can run single, or multi-day, workshops to develop the collective leadership skills of the team, enhance teamwork and broaden the team’s planning ability. These sessions will be tailored to your organisation’s needs and can be held on-site or at an external location of your choice. While not organising the invasion of a rogue state, some activities can be based on the planning techniques used by the British military if you wish.


Leadership Talks to Provoke and Inspire

One-off talks imparting practical leadership tips and my thoughts on Just Leadership

Complementing the mentoring and team activities, or as a stand-alone event, I would be delighted to come and talk to your organisation about leadership, my philosophy on the subject and share some of my experiences. The aim is to inspire budding leaders and be thought-provoking to the more experienced. I will put across useable leadership tips with a light touch drawing on situations in my career that I have found testing, stimulating and, some, frankly bizarre.


Business on the Battlefield

Learning leadership lessons from walking through an historic battle

These high-octane events combine learning about leadership on the battlefield and considering how associated lesson can be applied to your organisation. We will spend time walking the ground of an historic battlefield, following the course of events before settling down to draw out lessons. We will consider how your leaders and teams can develop their leadership from what has been seen and discussed. Business on the Battlefield can be undertaken in a single day in the UK or, more adventurously, as a multi-day event in Europe.


In-House Mentoring Programmes

ALMAC helping you establish your own mentoring programme

Are you already bought into leadership development and looking for your organisation to take the next step? ALMAC can help you build an in-house mentoring programme to fit with your evolving culture. All levels of your organisation can benefit from the inculcation of continuous improvement and leadership development. It is not just those being mentored who will find this stimulating and beneficial: those carrying out the mentoring invariably experience high levels of reward too. Once operating and engrained, this can be a relatively low-cost and high-benefit method of keeping your organisation ahead of the pack.


Tailored Support

Analytical study and practical recommendations for the development of your organisation

If there is anything that I can apply my deep analytical skills and extensive project management experience to, that would help the development of your organisation or its people, then I would be very pleased to discuss this with you. We could arrange tailored support to study and make recommendations on many aspects of your organisation, including its structure, leadership, planning or communications. I can promise an objective and fresh, yet empathetic, external view of a situation, while bringing forward innovative ways of exploiting opportunities to improve.