Single or multi-day onsite team activities to develop team leadership and planning

For leadership teams we can run single, or multi-day, workshops to develop the collective leadership skills of the team, enhance teamwork and broaden the team’s planning ability. I would relish the chance to get to know and work with the leadership teams at any level within your organisation. With an understanding of your organisation’s culture, values and objectives, we can devise a comprehensive programme of team leadership development. These will be interactive, stimulating and – if we have got it right – fun.

Not only can we help you break away from the pack, but we can assist in maintaining your lead

Tailored to your organisation’s needs, events can be held on-site or at an external location of your choice. While not organising the invasion of a rogue state, some activities can be based on the planning techniques used by the British military if you wish. Furthermore, although the focus is intellectual development, should you want to undertake physical team activities, these too can be explored.

ALMAC’s greatest success would be making itself redundant having helped your organisation become a ‘self-coaching team’

As with individual mentoring, you are likely to find that a partnership with ALMAC for an extended period will reap greater rewards; helping good practice become instilled habit. Together we will reap the joy of witnessing your leaders and teams flourish. Not only can we help you break away from the pack, but we can assist in maintaining your lead. ALMAC’s greatest success would be to no longer be needed having helped your organisation reach the panacea of ‘the self-coaching team’.

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