One-off talks imparting practical leadership tips and my thoughts on Just Leading

Complementing the mentoring and team activities, or as a stand-alone event, I would be delighted to come and talk to your organisation about leadership, my philosophy on the subject and share some of my experiences. The aim is to inspire budding leaders and be thought-provoking to the more experienced. These talks suit business organisations, and sports teams, as well as educational institutions for students and staff alike. I will put across useable leadership tips with a light touch drawing on situations in my career that I have found testing, stimulating and, some, frankly bizarre.

Leadership should be simple, practical and free from mystery, as well as being morally right and fair

My guiding principles are that leadership should be simple, practical and free from mystery, as well as being morally right and fair. In other words, and in both senses, I believe in ‘Just Leading’. Let me come and explain how this works, to you and your teams. These talks are not all one-way traffic but designed to be interactive, feeding off audience participation and keeping the energy levels high.

The rewards will be felt by your leaders and their team members

The aim is not to be aloof and high-brow, but to stimulate and be mildly entertaining. As well as helping people explore their own thoughts on leadership, they will depart with simple and practical measures that can be put to work straight away to enhance the way in which they lead. The rewards will be felt by them and their team members. The ultimate beneficiary will be your organisation.

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